Taking into account the Indian conditions, the farmers’ cooperative like IFFCO( Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd.) and IFFDC ( Indian Farm Forestry Development Cooperative Ltd.) have tried to change the Chinese phrase with their relentless services in the remotest corner of the country deep in the villages. It so happened, when we were passing the countryside through a small hamlet Kham Ki Madri in Udaipur where the passage conditions were no different then any other Indian village. The temperature level was hovering between 42 to 46 degree Celsius and all of a sudden , a cock made crash landing on our jeep as if it wants us to visit his home. Dr. Pankaj of IFFDC, who was navigating our entourage, guided us to a small home of a tribal farmer Maana. His children were playing with livestock of flying birds (Cock and Hen) available in his small home with no boundaries. We witnessed the real Reality Show in action. We were ushered to small makeshift home of the birds in which we entered through small door by lowering our heads. Now, the birds were all around us as if we have trespassed their home. It appeared that all were getting acquainted with our intentions.We were surprised to see that there were makeshift arrangement of sunlight and ventilator. Space was earmarked for dinning also.

Dr. Pankaj told us that they provided Maana with 10 pair of birds which have gradually increased to 50 pairs. The land-less farmer Maana started feeding the small pieces of roti in his hand to the birds. We also tried to be friendly with the birds by giving them a slice of bread. In the short span, some more friends have added to our contact list and I added their pix in my Face book. Maana happily told us that this breed of hen are known as Nirbheek as they are not scarred of the snakes in the village and resembles very much with Deshi Murgi. The egg, they lay is brown in colour and sold at Rs.7 per egg in the market and weight of the cock increases to three kg in over six months period which fetch him Rs.500. Over a period of one year, he made a handsome amount of Rs.25000 and his family of birds has increased manifold and the number continues to keep on multiplying. In view of it, the phrase requires change i.e. “If you want to make any body healthy don’t give him Murga to eat but teach him how to breed it, to make him healthy and wealthy”.

What we felt is; that a small help can also bring revolution. Many cooperatives like IFFCO and IFFDC are working selflessly in small villages and don’t beat drums of their good deeds. No doubt, the peacock like IFFCO and IFFDC dance in the villages on daily basis because that the way of life for them. Appreciation or no appreciation, they have to perform on daily basis.