The Chitrakoot district, famous for its historical religious place beside the holy Mandakini river which satisfies the thirst of man and animals of the area. But
Lift Irrigation Scheme the farmers need water for irrigation also so that they can feed millions of mouths. The whole district receives scanty rainfall and soil is rocky; therefore, tube wells have not been successful in the area. IFFCO & its subsidiaries IFFDC and Cordet in collaboration with Deendayal Research Institute surveyed the area and zeroed in on village Bhujauli for redevelopment and replenishment of natural resources (water) of the area. The village has undulated topography and little irrigation facilities. Though, a river named Balmiki flows near the village but farmers are unable to utilize it properly due to inadequate infrastructural support. Study was done and projects for ‘Pond Renovation’ and ‘Lift Irrigation Scheme’ were launched and successfully executed.

The details of the schemes are outlined below:-

The problem in most of the areas in India is that resources are there but their proper canalisation is lacking. Water was there in the river Balmiki but the problem was; how to take it to farmers’ fields as river flows downstream and fields are at a height of 15 meter.

After thorough survey of Balmiki river, the point was selected where water remains all through the year at a depth of 10 feet and intake well was planned and constructed near it. From the pucca constructed covered well, the water is lifted with the help of submersible pump with the help of 15 Horse-powered motor. When there is no electricity in the village 22 KV generator is put to use. Subsequently, water flows through the 200-meter GI pipes connected with 500-meter long underground PVC pipe with 9 gateways in between in the farmers’ field. At one given time; two gate-valves are opened and farmers irrigate their fields in equitable basis and pay for electricity/diesel charges fixed by the farmer’s Committee of the village.


Pond Renovation Work


IFFCO helped in removing silt-disposition in the bed of the pond. This helped in saving rainwater, which is 850 mm and utilised for irrigation purpose.
The area under cereals, pulses and oilseed cultivation has grown considerably in the village. The round the year availability of water has boosted the yields and incomes of the famers considerably and brought prosperity to the village. This is visible through the common use of tractors, automobiles and mobile phones in the village.

IFFCO has now handed over the management of the project to the local villagers. Therefore, a society ‘Balmiki Manav Kalyan Samiti’ has now been formed having 11 members from the village beside SDM, Karvi and DM, Chitrakoot as ex-officio members. The Samiti decides distribution of water and levying charges; so that project remains self-supporting and can be expanded as per the village requirements.